Reflect Your Brand In A Magic Media Lightbox Display

LED Fabric LightboxAdd power to your product presentation with massive cost-effective, accurate colours with a vibrant quality statement by our led lightbox display

Versatile and eye-catching in our extensive range of presentation methods! Suspended, Free standing and wall mount are just a few possibilities!

The Scan Slim Line (65mm profile) lightbox in any size configuration, allows fantastic, compelling illumination through the LED lighting system.
Our LED system with full heat sync technology gives years of trouble-free usage (20 000 hours) and maximising (Green) energy savings.

This fabric technology is a seamless Scan exclusive product with true colours, best skin tones, real blacks and no fading.

Switch your message in minutes to run with your campaigns. Easy to change, with a 48-hour print service!

Use our Graphic design team to get you print ready!

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