Retail Display Basics

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Back to the Basics When It Comes to Effective Retail Window Displays

First things first – even with innovative and attention-grabbing retail display solutions in store, unless the customer enters your shop, all your efforts are in vain. The storefront window is the first stop for the customer. If you want the passing customer to enter, you need a display in the window that has stopping power. You can either draw in customers with your retail display or chase them away.

Window dressing is just that – creating an impression. But, for what it is worth, people are taught not to judge on face value. However, when it comes to the retail display aspect you work with visual elements. The customer first sees and then touches. To hit the mark and drive interest, you need retail displays that work for the target audience and set your storefront apart from others in the same shopping centre.

Window retail displays can be seen as 3D advertising boards which draw attention to the image you want to portray, whether it is hip, modern, retro, trendy, sexy, elegant, masculine, feminine, or anything else. Make sure that you know what you want the customer to feel and experience when looking at your window display.

 Here are a few tips to get you back to the basics:

  • Avoid overdoing it – Too much gives the impression of cheap and disorganised. The eye finds it difficult to focus if the window display is cluttered. Help the customer to focus with cleverly placed selected items.
  • Don’t focus on the ad and forget about the merchandise – Avoid getting so caught up in your creative display that the focus shifts from the merchandise to the display. You want the products to shine!
  • Use lighting to accentuate – So much technology is available. Use it to effectively highlight products within the larger retail display.
  • Varying heights are more effective than a mono display – People often miss words when they read because their minds already skip to the next parts simply because words are placed next to each other. Don’t make that mistake with a retail display. Vary the heights and the customer’s mind will take in more because the display is inviting.
  • Keep in line with the theme – The display should support the particular theme, whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s fun.
  • Backdrops create interest – Improve the dramatic effect of the display with a relevant backdrop.
  • Stock up on the merchandise in the retail display – What a waste of valuable space if you don’t have the products that you display in your store’s window!

The above are just the basics of retail display. Let us help you transform your store windows into attention-grabbing selling points that encourage customers to enter and buy.