Why use LED Lightboxes?

Why Use LED Fabric Lightboxes for In-Store and Mall Advertisements?

Shoppers are regularly bombarded with posters, notices, and visual distractions. Getting them to focus on a specific image becomes more difficult in the modern age where most merchandise displays are visually attractive. Lightboxes of old were often too bulky to use in-store and in malls without detracting from the overall visual appeal of the mall’s design. Fortunately, the modern LED fabric lightboxes enable mall operators, retailers, and exhibitors to focus their attention on brand messages despite the many visual distractions in a shopping environment.

Lightweight Designs

Our LED fabric lightboxes have aluminium frames, thus making the systems exceptionally lightweight. With such, it is possible to add these boxes to walls within retail setups. The risk of the lightweight displays being too heavy for the walls is therefore minimised.

Several Visual Effects

Gone are the days of only highlighting images from one angle. Now, advertisers can use a combination of lights and angles to create unique ambiences. The LED lights can be arranged in various configurations without needing excessive technical changes. This makes it possible to change the light setup for every image.

Inter-Changeable Displays

The frames of our LED fabric lightboxes are designed to allow for the changing of the fabric canvas. This can be done without having to install a completely new frame. With such, time and money savings are benefits to be considered. The frame and lights stay in place. Only the fabric with the image is changed.

Energy-Efficient Displays

LED lights are exceptionally energy efficient. This is important in modern times where the focus is on sustainability. With lower energy consumption brought about through the usage of LED fabric lightboxes, retailers can reduce the negative impact they have on the environment. Energy efficiency is also important in terms of monetary value.

Cool or Warm Ambience

Instead of just having a bright white highlighting of images, advertisers can use a warm white colour as well or a combination. This enables them to create stunning visual effects.

Cost-Effective Displays

Considering the light frame, inter-changeable display capacity, easier setup, display possibilities, energy efficiency, and frame reusability, LED fabric lightboxes are perfect for showcasing marketing messages in retail and exhibition setups.

We offer you a wide range of options. Quality fabric systems and superior designs distinguish our LED fabric lightboxes from many other visual display products. View our range of products and give us a call to place your order.