Mall Kiosk Supplier in South Africa

Our mall kiosk creates revenue opportunities for mall managers and retailers of smaller items such as jewellery, electronics, sunglasses, beauty products, clothing, food and drinks.

Each kiosk design functions efficiently in its available space, making it an ideal solution for high-foot-traffic areas in shopping malls, airports and other indoor retail spaces.


• Lockable storage
• In-built security
• Low energy lighting
• Low maintenance (LED bulbs last up to 30 000 hours)
• Eye-catching branding possibilities
• Various accessories and features, such as recessed tills and bumper rails

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Shopping Kiosk

While our Modular Retail Kiosks are off-the-shelf options, our retail merchandising units are custom-designed to your exact requirements. This gives you unlimited scope, under our expert guidance, to create the merchandising display stands that are perfect for retail point-of-sale for your brand and products.

Only high-quality materials and premium finishes are used for a professional end result.