LED Lightboxes – New & Enhanced

New and Enhanced LED Lightbox Systems to Brighten Up Retail Environments

Lightboxes are not new – they have been used in the commercial sector for many years. However, the introduction of LED lightboxes featuring energy efficient LED lights instead of conventional lights is quite recent. The combination of fabric systems with LED lights and light aluminium frames is what sets modern systems apart from the conventional light displays.

The modern systems are exceptionally versatile. Many sizes, shapes, and light combinations are available to increase the visual attractiveness and uniqueness of these displays. The 2D images come to life with the backlight effects, thus adding to the attention-grabbing effects of these systems.

In addition, new technology makes it possible to change the fabric print displays, thereby ensuring the freshness of adverts and branding messages. Our most recent product modifications have made it even easier than before to replace graphics and change the light configurations. Add to such, the improvements in the aluminium frames, and these LED lightboxes can now be fitted in even more spaces and against a wider range of wall and surfaces. Indeed, with the thin profile offered, the boxes can be fitted into rather tight spaces and look exceptionally good.

The systems now feature block-out fabric imported from Germany. The graphics are perfectly illuminated without the backlights being visible. This is so, irrespective of the angle at which they are viewed.

You can also choose between pure white, warm white, or a combination of the two lights for the unique highlighting of the graphics. Creating an incredible image has never been easier. Various light configurations are also possible, thus ensuring exact illumination as needed.

Furthermore, the latest models are even more energy efficient and cost effective. This means reduced marketing costs for you.

When it comes to safety features, these systems are equally impressive. We understand the importance of safety not only for your employees, but also the customers in your centre or retail store. To this end, we ensure that each of the LED lightbox systems is designed and manufactured to meet strict quality and industry safety standards. Fire safety is also covered with the fabric systems made being from flame-retardant materials. Also, the back panels feature heat sinks.

If you want graphic display systems that add depth to your graphics, then the modern LED lightbox systems available from us should be high on your priority list. Contact us for more information regarding these highly versatile graphic display systems.