Making Corporate Branding Work

Three Ways to Make Corporate Branding Work through Effective Store Displays

Do you hear the term corporate branding and your eyes become heavy with boredom? What does retail branding have in common with corporate branding? Perhaps more than meets the eye. In a world filled with digital technology, the shopper can now find their products of choice online just as easily as finding them in store. So, how does your brand still stay competitive?

Embrace the technology that is now available and combine such with the physical world where touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, and experiencing still form a large part of the equation when it comes to decision making. You might not be able to get as much exposure when working with a display stand or physical store as with digital marketing, but your corporate or retail branding can hit the home run if done right.

Making Corporate Branding Work

Displays, space planning, customer experience, and consistency in brand experience are all important factors when working with a physical storefront.

  1. Use Space Wisely

Every square metre in your store costs money. Of course, you might be tempted to pack as many products into the available space as possible, but it doesn’t do all that much for creating a superb brand experience. This is especially true if the store has a high foot count. Instead, plan the space to ensure the strategic placement of racks, displays, and digital kiosks, in order to create an appealing feel that encourages browsing and emphasises the brand. Maximise on the visual aspect of displays, rather than just clutter your space.


  1. Create a Memorable Experience

Every customer that ventures into your store, whether it is a speciality store or a large national retail brand store, has certain feelings about the space and the displays. Start thinking as the customer does. You want to know what the customer wants and needs. Thus – become the customer for a day or two and use what you have learned to create effective visual displays. The customer entering a high-end retail outlet expects a feeling of opulence, so this is where it is important to bridge the gap between mediocre corporate branding and out-of-this-world visual appeal.

  1. Brand with High-Impact Visual Displays

You work hard on your corporate identity. This is because your customers develop loyalty based on trust and what they associate your brand with. As such, don’t skimp on the quality and creativity of your visual merchandising. Wow the customer instead of boring them. Use various types of displays as available from us to make the impression that lasts. We offer you everything you need, including retail display Showbox solutions, LED fabric light boxes, display pints, quick pod and meeting pods, fabric pop-up systems, and more.

Best of all – our team can take your corporate branding in the physical world of retail to a completely new level while you focus on the business at hand.