Selling from a Kiosk

Selling from a KioskWhat Can You Sell in a Mall Kiosk?

A kiosk provides for a cost-effective way to enter the retail market. If you don’t have enough products to fill an entire retail outlet, but you are eager to enter the world of mall shopping experiences, then setting up a stylish kiosk is a good start.

In the past, kiosks were mostly used for low-end products. Today, many retailers make handsome incomes from their smaller storefronts. These kiosks are fitted with glass, stylish display panels, and proper LED light systems. Many upmarket products and services are now offered from the small storefronts in malls.

The main appeal of the kiosk storefront is the relative ease of its setup. However, low maintenance, easy accessibility, and the lockup-and-go aspect are more reasons for the popularity of the pop-up type storefront. If you plan on setting up such a storefront, consider some of the highly successful products or services that work well in kiosk setups.

Fast Food Is Always Popular

Do you have a health drink or perhaps a sorbet that you want to sell? The kiosk is perfect for it. Perhaps you want to sell gourmet hotdogs or rolled ice cream. Instead of renting a more expensive and larger retail store, maximize the high-visibility potential of a kiosk. Gourmet doughnuts, coffee, speciality foods, and popcorn are popular choices. Choose a high-traffic area and make your kiosk stand out with our expertise.

Jewellery and Accessories

Maybe you have handmade jewellery, but not enough to fill an entire retail store or perhaps you want to sell perfumes or small accessories. What better space to use than the kiosk in the busy hallway of a popular mall? Cheaper products, such as funky accessories, are popular with the younger crowds, whilst gold jewellery works well in the malls catering to the mature and affluent female shoppers.

Unique Items Attract Attention

Do you have an innovative product, such as a virtual gamepad or perhaps another type of gadget that you want to show off? Do you need to demonstrate how the item works? What better way to create a personal contact space than a kiosk set in a high-traffic part of the mall? The kiosk is also the perfect option if you just want to test the market before you open a larger gift store.

Everyone Loves Electronics

Male shoppers, especially the younger folk, love their electronic gadgets. However, the gaming community also includes quite a few female shoppers. A kiosk provides enough space to display the electronics behind the counter, thereby reducing the risk of theft.

Discover of a kiosk. View our range of products and get in touch to discuss how we can help you create a stunning and effective kiosk.