Scan Display’s new, improved fabric lightbox

Lightboxes have become a sought-after medium for branding in retail stores and commercial properties. This is not surprising, as they are visually striking, versatile in size and placement, and the graphics are easily updated.

“Our lightboxes are one of our bestsellers,” says Justin Hawes, MD of exhibition, events and display specialist, Scan Display. “We have recently made some product modifications to the frame and the fabric which have given our lightbox some unique advantages.”

Having undergone an upgrade, the latest version of Scan Display’s lightbox is even more effective. The biggest advantage of the new model is its ultra slim 50mm aluminium frames – a reduction on the previous 65mm frames. This makes it easier to fit the lightbox seamlessly against shop fitting surfaces and walls, and in other tight spaces.

Other features of the updated lightbox include:

  • Newly innovated block-out fabric from Germany. This ensures the LED lightbulbs are not visible through the fabric, no matter the angle from which you look at it.
  • Advanced LED lighting colour-options of either pure white, warm white, or an attractive combination of the two.
  • Adjustable light placement to create different effects.

“These improvements give our clients greater flexibility in terms of how and where they can use our lightboxes,” says Hawes. “They also reduce our cost of manufacture, which has resulted in the new model being sold at a lower price.”

However, some things remain unchanged. A heat sink in the back panel and flame retardant textiles guarantee all of Scan Display’s lightboxes adhere to required safety standards.

If you would like to find out more about Scan Display’s new lightbox, contact Justin Hawes at or on +27 11 447 4777.




Pop-up System, a cost-effective solution for your retail displays

Are you looking for a retail display that you can update easily and affordably? Would you like to be able to set-up and run your own promotions? Do you need an impactful marketing display that you can travel with?

This is all possible with retail display specialist, Scan Retail’s, latest product: the Fabric Pop-up System.

The Fabric Pop-up System is a portable display system that can create stunning promotional displays for retail. Like other pop-up systems, it’s a walled display structure made out of collapsible frames on which you attach graphics. It can be easily assembled and compactly packed away by one person without any tools, making it ideal for travel and quick set-ups and breakdowns.

However, it’s also very different from a traditional pop-up system, largely because it uses fabric graphics instead of vinyl graphics. This yields many benefits:

  • Fabric prints cost less than vinyl, making this system an ideal long term investment because of the low cost to refresh and update your marketing message.
  • Vinyl graphics risk damage if not handled carefully, whereas fabric graphics are more durable.
  • Vinyl is heavier and bulkier, and has to be packed into plastic drums for storage and transporting, unlike the Fabric Pop-up System which is lighter and fits into smaller carry bags (about ⅓ smaller than the drums). This makes travelling with the Fabric Pop-up System easier and more cost-effective.
  • Fabric graphics have the option of backlighting. Walls transform into lightboxes, using backlit fabric and an LED curtain clipped into the back of the This produces an even, vibrant light that will make your retail display ‘pop’.

The Fabric Pop-up System’s modular design also offers unrivalled flexibility. Much like Lego blocks, you can mix and match different structures, creating endless set-up options. This gives you the freedom to adapt your retail displays to your message and product.

Scan Retail offers 27 packages of pre-designed display configurations. Alternatively, you can purchase individual walls (straight or curved, and of varying heights) or request a custom-designed display using the system.

The cost saving potential of this product is significant when you consider:

  • The product itself is very affordable to buy and is built to be re-used.
  • You can add parts as needed, to update your displays over time.
  • Fabric graphics are inexpensive, so your marketing message can change as often as you need it to.
  • You can do your own set-ups, so there is no labour cost involved.
  • It transports well, so it is ideal for promotions in different cities around the world.

Justin Hawes, MD of Scan Retail, describes the product as “revolutionary”. This is because it empowers retailers to take full control of their own marketing displays. “It also has great potential for use across Africa, because it’s durable, easy to use and travels well,” he adds.

The Fabric Pop-up System also comes with a number of accessories, including:

  • Counters
  • Shelves
  • Brackets to mount screens
  • Clip-on spotlights (Halogen and LED options)
  • LED curtains for backlighting (for walls and counters)
  • Stabilising feet

For more information about this innovative new product, visit the Fabric Pop-up System page

Goodbye Malaria’s retail kiosks roll out

This is the story of how a simple retail product can be used creatively and effectively in a life-saving project.

Goodbye Malaria is an initiative started by African entrepreneurs who believe that African creativity can solve one of Africa’s biggest problems: malaria. And it really is a big problem.

  • There were 214 million cases of malaria reported worldwide in 2015
  • 90% of deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 70% of deaths from malaria are children under the age of five

One of the ways Goodbye Malaria funds its campaigns and activities is by retailing beautiful shweshwe goods and cotton t-shirts, and it was fitting that they decided to position their retail outlets in airport kiosks around the country – to help send this lethal ‘travel bug’ packing.

Retail display specialist, Scan Retail, was honoured to be appointed to supply the kiosks for this special project.

For those who are not familiar with mall kiosks, they are self-contained retail units that allow retailers to operate in any open area – such as airports and mall aisles – rather than being confined to a store. The benefits of using retail kiosks for a project like this are that they are less costly than renting a traditional retail space; they can be strategically positioned where the campaign’s target market is; and they are available in a wide range of designs, with optional features and accessories that ensure they can be fully customised to suit a brand’s identity.

The first roll out of Goodbye Malaria’s retail kiosks began at the O.R. Tambo International Airport in April 2016, where one of Scan Retail’s existing kiosks was refurbished to suit its requirements. After this, two more kiosks were manufactured and installed in different locations within O.R. Tambo.

Melfred Malander, the Scan Retail Account Executive who ran with this project, says, “Goodbye Malaria was happy with the shopping kiosk, and at the end of last year we installed two more kiosks, one at George Airport and one at Cape Town International Airport. This time, instead of opting for our MRKs (Modular Retail Kiosks) which come in standard designs, they opted for a custom-designed kiosk that was designed from scratch to meet their exact needs.”

The last installation was done in December 2017, just in time for the summer holidays when mosquitoes can be especially active.

If you would like to find out more about this or other Scan Retail products, you can view them here or contact Justin Hawes at or on 011 447 4777.

How we built exhibition Infrastructure with a tight build time of three days

How-we-built-exhibition Infrastructure-with-a-tight build-time-of-three-days

Exhibition Infrastructure Installation

The fifth edition Cape Town Art Fair showcased a diverse selection of International and African art at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from Friday, 17, until Sunday, 19 February 2017. The Art Fair is produced by Fiera Milano Exhibitions Africa of the Fiera Milano Group, one of the world’s leading events companies. The show is designed for art dealers to showcase their work to art collectors and investors.


For this year’s event, Scan Display was appointed to build 1.4-kilometres exhibition infrastructure seamless 3,6-metre-high walling displaying thought-provoking and desirable, beautiful work from top artists. The project was an Innovative, significant achievement for the Scan team, as it was built with a tight build time of only three days before the fair.


Attendees were not only able to visit the participating galleries, but they also popped into specially curated exhibits and took part in a series of talks about Africa’s art scene.  The aim of these talks was to explore the history, origins, cultural heritage, geographic beauty and global relevance of our art, with the intent of further entrenching Africa as an important creative influencer.


Our clients praise us for our great results, customised products, expert knowledge and on-time delivery. Checkout the video below to see how our team created Cape Town Arts Fair’s exhibition infrastructure in record time, We are proud of how we all pulled together to make this project a reality.



If you’re interested in finding out more about our events and exhibition services, do get in touch via our contact page or give us a call 021 409 1200. We’re able to assist you.


Image & Video Credits: Cape Town Arts Fair 

Key Things You Need Know About Scan Retail


We have listed key things you should know about us:


Scan Retail is a division of display specialist and was formed in 2011 and specialises in point-of-sale display products and services which enhance in-store branding. Scan Retail offers both off-the-shelf and custom-crafted products, including interior signage and branding, retail kiosks, shop fittings, bespoke displays and modular, mobile meeting rooms.

Scan Display is our parent company and was found on the 1st October 1996, this year we will be celebrating our 21st birthday. More details to follow, stay tuned.

We take pride in offering our clients the best personal and professional service. We ensure our customers feel confident that we understand their requirements and that their expectations will be.

Our production team has a wealth of retail branding experience as well as technical aptitude. What makes us different is that our account executives have extensive knowledge of their field of specialty, ensuring an understanding of their markets.

We believe in delivering tailored solutions for our clients’ retail requirements and building long-term partnerships, achieve results that make a difference.

We are the member of the Event Greening Forum; we encourage our clients to work with suppliers that support sustainability. With our commitment to greening, we can provide our clients with high eco-conscious retail.

Our Cape Town office recently implemented a rainwater harvesting system, in an attempt to reduce its reliance on the overburdened municipal water system.

Our portfolio of clients that are we’ve done work for includes Woolworths, Discovery, Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), Creative Council, Varpe Cartel, Somerset Mall, Fragrance Boutique and much more.

If you consider working with us on your next project, start by browsing our list of retail display products and let us know what you need.

Reflect Your Brand In A Magic Media Lightbox Display

LED Fabric LightboxAdd power to your product presentation with massive cost-effective, accurate colours with a vibrant quality statement by our led lightbox display

Versatile and eye-catching in our extensive range of presentation methods! Suspended, Free standing and wall mount are just a few possibilities!

The Scan Slim Line (65mm profile) lightbox in any size configuration, allows fantastic, compelling illumination through the LED lighting system.
Our LED system with full heat sync technology gives years of trouble-free usage (20 000 hours) and maximising (Green) energy savings.

This fabric technology is a seamless Scan exclusive product with true colours, best skin tones, real blacks and no fading.

Switch your message in minutes to run with your campaigns. Easy to change, with a 48-hour print service!

Use our Graphic design team to get you print ready!

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LED Fabric Lightbox Innovates Retail Display

LED Fabric Lightbox at Somerset Mall

Scan Retail Lightbox at Somerset Mall

The LED Fabric Lightbox is a product that can be used in multiple ways in retail spaces. It has been installed for many of Scan Retail’s clients to create compelling in-store branding.

The LED Fabric Lightbox has been specially designed using the best quality aluminium profile and components. This backlit box can be wall mounted or used as a freestanding unit. The LED Fabric Lightbox can also be hung from the ceiling to create an eye-catching display.

Alex Hawes, Chairman of Scan Retail, says: “Our Lightbox is incredibly adaptable. It can be used in a variety of applications and integrated with an existing display system to enhance retail displays.”

The best features of the Lightbox include its attractive slim line aluminium frame, its low maintenance LED light bulbs that can last up to 30 000 hours, and it’s seamless fabric graphics which are interchangeable.

Graphic reprints are cost effective, and an easy way to switch out graphics whenever necessary, making the Lightbox the ideal product for annual campaigns.

The Lightbox is energy efficient too, making it a great option for promoting environmental sustainability in the retail space, as well as for reducing electricity costs.

The LED Fabric lightbox has been used in many stores, bringing product displays to life. These boxes can be seen in the Sinotec section at Hi-Fi Corporation Woodmead, Vape Cartel outlets in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and in the cosmetics section of several Woolworths stores.

Scan Retail can assist you with in point-of-sale display products and services, which enhance in-store branding. Talk to one of our specialists today and learn how to improve your shoppers experience this festive season.

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Connect with Scan Retail at 20th Annual Shopping Congress

Shopping Congress Scan Retail Design 2016

Shopping Congress Scan Retail Design 2016

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – it’s the 20th Annual Congress of the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) and its taking place from Wednesday, 7th to Friday, 9th September 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre. Two thousand professionals in South Africa’s rapidly growing retail industry have signed up to exhibit their products and connect with others. We will be joining them and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Congress, which rotates between South Africa’s three largest cities, is the premier annual shopping centre and retail industry event on the African continent. With simplicity as the theme of this year’s congress, the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) is going to be featuring a superb line-up of presentations by the industry’s brightest minds who will take a look at the opportunities and challenges of the current market.

Committed to providing an effective platform for networking, creating opportunities and facilitating growth, the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) is a flagship event that gives members exposure to the latest ideas, trends, innovations and information in South Africa and across the globe. Providing insight, engagement and international and local speakers – Shopping Congress is set to host another memorable event this year with Scan Retail a part of it all.

We Bring Retail Stores and Brands to Life

At Scan Retail, we believe that when it comes to exhibiting your brand there is only one rule and that is to be noticed. With years of experience and unrivalled innovation and growth in the exhibition industry, our DNA is about making an impact through design. We have translated this knowledge to our retail offerings with cost-effective elements reflecting state-of-the-art products for retailers. Extending from businesses, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, galleries, in-store promotions, and shopping centres to shop window displays, we deliver cutting-edge architectural engineering, digital and print technology, and ultra-lightweight portable display solutions.

Our products include shopping mall kiosk stands, LED lightboxes, and more.
This year we’ve decided to go back to basics and we are shining the light on our Modular Retail Kiosk range, multiple configuration Quickwall range, and our LED Fabric Lightbox range. We are excited to showcase our innovative range of products next month, as well as to be collaborating with some great brands like Vape Cartel, Ferrari, L’Occitane, and Fragrance Boutique.

We Have Some Exciting Prizes Up For Grabs

Make sure to visit stand E16 & E18 at the Sandton Convention Centre to meet up with the Scan Retail team. There are some exciting prizes up for grabs. For a more detailed product portfolio, browse our retail display products here.