Retail Kiosk Flexibility


The Flexibility of Retail Kiosks Adds Revenue-Generating Spaces in Malls

As many as five out of seven stores have to close their doors within the first 36 months of operation. The high cost of rent and overheads such as electricity, floor security, and insurance associated with large stores make it difficult for retailers to stay afloat in tough economic times. If you are new to the industry, it is thus best to start with a smaller setup. With such, your overheads are significantly reduced, thus giving your business time to become established.

One solution is to buy one of our modular retail kiosks and set up a store within a busy shopping mall. If you are a shopping centre manager, you should consider investing in modular retail kiosks to add more space to your mall. In this way, you can offer smaller retailers affordable spaces and provide the customers with more shopping opportunities. With more shops in the mall, you can increase the rental revenue of the mall. These kiosks can also be set up in parking areas for fast-food outlets, waterless carwash pay points, and tuck shops.

The modern modular retail kiosks are designed with functionality and customer experience in mind. The units come with interchangeable prints, display screens, state-of-the-art hanging facilities, equally impressive display counters, and attractive and practical shelving systems. You have several options when it comes to configurations and can ensure optimal branding with our print solutions.

Whether you are a start-up retailer looking for mall space or a large national store looking for ways in which to create more interest in your brand, our modular retail kiosks provide you with many opportunities to engage with customers. Use the retail kiosks for applications such as product testing, the introduction to new retail concepts, information centres, seasonal marketing of merchandise, or increased exposure of your brand by having a kiosk in another part of the mall in addition to renting a store in a high-traffic area. You can also use the kiosks to generate leads.

If you are interested in retail kiosks for your new business, you will benefit from lower overheads, lockup-and-go systems, good security features, and high visibility opportunities. They are great for placement in a mall aisle or even at a food court.

View our range of modular designs of retail kiosks to suit your needs and contact us for any more assistance you may need.