LED Lightboxes – New & Enhanced

New and Enhanced LED Lightbox Systems to Brighten Up Retail Environments

Lightboxes are not new – they have been used in the commercial sector for many years. However, the introduction of LED lightboxes featuring energy efficient LED lights instead of conventional lights is quite recent. The combination of fabric systems with LED lights and light aluminium frames is what sets modern systems apart from the conventional light displays.

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Retail Kiosk Flexibility


The Flexibility of Retail Kiosks Adds Revenue-Generating Spaces in Malls

As many as five out of seven stores have to close their doors within the first 36 months of operation. The high cost of rent and overheads such as electricity, floor security, and insurance associated with large stores make it difficult for retailers to stay afloat in tough economic times. If you are new to the industry, it is thus best to start with a smaller setup. With such, your overheads are significantly reduced, thus giving your business time to become established.

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Why use LED Lightboxes?

Why Use LED Fabric Lightboxes for In-Store and Mall Advertisements?

Shoppers are regularly bombarded with posters, notices, and visual distractions. Getting them to focus on a specific image becomes more difficult in the modern age where most merchandise displays are visually attractive. Lightboxes of old were often too bulky to use in-store and in malls without detracting from the overall visual appeal of the mall’s design. Fortunately, the modern LED fabric lightboxes enable mall operators, retailers, and exhibitors to focus their attention on brand messages despite the many visual distractions in a shopping environment.

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Retail Kiosks – Effective Alternatives

Selling at Kiosks

Retail Kiosks – Effective Alternatives to Conventional Storefronts

Retail kiosks are effective alternatives to conventional storefronts in malls. Rather than paying for floor space that is not used or needed, smaller retailers can opt for the compact selling environments provided by retail kiosks.

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Reasons to Use Glass Display Cabinets

4 Convincing Reasons to Use Glass Display Cabinets in Your Retail Store

Glass display cabinets add value to any retail setting. If you have not yet considered using glass display cabinets in your store, read on to find out why you should install such cabinets sooner rather than later.

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