Lightboxes Transform Retail Spaces

How the Lightbox Transforms Ordinary Images into Powerful Messages

The lightbox has been around for a couple of years now. However, advances in LED technology and fabric systems have made the modern lightbox an important element for creating stunning visual ad spaces in shopping malls and retail stores alike. Apart from the versatility offered in terms of size and placement, the lightbox designs of late make it possible to easily update graphics.

With the recent product modifications of the lightbox system, it is now even easier to replace graphics and create superbly highlighted images to promote brands and products. The latest models available feature ultra-slim aluminium frame systems. Indeed, we can now offer lightbox systems with frames of only 50-mm for easier fitment against various surfaces and wall systems. These lightboxes can fit in tight spaces and still look stunning.

Our improved lightbox system includes unique block-out fabric that is imported from Germany. With such, the image is well illuminated without the LED light bulbs being visible through the fabric. This is true regardless of the angle from which you look at the image. We offer the system with various LED colour options of warm white, pure white, or a combination of warm and pure white for attractive displays. With all these options, you have even more choice when it comes to special effects.

With such features, we are able to give you the flexibility you need regarding placement and use of the lightbox systems. The newer models are also more cost effective when it comes to the cost of manufacturing. As such, you will benefit from lower costs regarding marketing and display equipment.

Of course, safety is of paramount importance in any retail store or shopping centre. To this end, you have the assurance that the lightbox system meets all the required safety standards. For one, the fabric system is made from a flame-retardant textile, while the back panel of the lightbox has a heat sink.

The lightbox system undoubtedly adds character to the retail space. It provides a means with which to highlight a specific marketing message and thus make it stand out. It furthermore adds visual appeal to space and creates interest. The system provides colour depth and thus makes an image come to life. The unique features of a product can be highlighted and, as such, you can expect more interest in the particular product or message.

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