Retail Kiosks – Effective Alternatives

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Retail Kiosks – Effective Alternatives to Conventional Storefronts

Retail kiosks are effective alternatives to conventional storefronts in malls. Rather than paying for floor space that is not used or needed, smaller retailers can opt for the compact selling environments provided by retail kiosks.

A Smaller Space to Stock

One of the most important aspects of successful retail stores is the focus on having merchandise available. Nothing gives the impression of poor buying approaches, a lack of space planning, and a struggling business as much as empty shelves. Shoppers want the visual attractiveness of well-displayed items on shelves. Gaping holes where items are supposed to be displayed do not make good impressions.

Knowing how much inventory investments can affect cash flow, leads some small retailers to opt for retail kiosks. With smaller spaces to stock, the retailers do not have to invest as much money in keeping their shelves full. Instead, they can change their product lines quickly when their current stock runs out.

The Lock-Up-And-Go Principle

With a larger shop setup, more employees are needed to engage with the customers. The stock must be arranged, priced, and checked. Additional security is needed and the large space must be monitored. To this end, the smaller retailers can benefit from renting smaller mall or retail kiosks where only one or two people can operate the kiosks. Cleaning, security, and closing functions are simplified with the lock-up-and-go principle.

Temporary Applications

Not all retail kiosks are permanent structures. It is possible to order modular kiosks for events, mall exhibitions, and seasonal display spaces. As such, the retailer can store the kiosk once the peak period is over. Shopping malls can invest in several such temporary retail kiosks and offer their retailers add-on sales spaces during the festive seasons.

Lower Rent

Sometimes, retailers struggle to pay for their overheads, which could leave them to have to look for cheaper rental spaces, close their businesses, or increase their prices to cover the overheads. With the small footprint of retail kiosks, even small retailers are able to compete in upmarket malls. They only pay for the space used and with lower overheads in terms of security, insurance, and electricity, the retailers are able to offer their merchandise at reasonable prices.

Perfect for Niche Products

Selling just one or two product lines in a large store hardly creates excitement with shoppers. They want variety and, as such, they tend to enter stores where they have more product choices. With retail kiosks, it is less apparent that only one or two product types or lines are displayed. Indeed, such kiosks also work well for demo products. The shoppers do not notice the lack of variety and because the focus can be on one or two products, such setups are perfect for niche products.

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