Shopfitting Mistakes

Shopfitting Mistakes

Avoid These Shopfitting Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

Shopfitting is a necessary step when you open a retail store or restaurant. However, it is not a once-off process. Many owners of shopping centres require their tenants to renovate or completely revamp their stores every five years. Shopfitting is what helps to keep spaces relevant, trendy, and attractive.

However, business owners that undertake their own shopfitting projects often only focus on the product presentation and revamping of shelves. Not knowing that they have missed details during the outfitting of their stores, they later cannot understand why the sales numbers drop over time.

Of course, there can be any number of reasons for a drop in sales or not realising the true potential of a business, but some shopfitting mistakes can also contribute to lower earnings. We look at some of the common shopfitting mistakes that can be avoided when business owners make use of retail shopfitting and display experts.

Poor Lighting Practices

Simply installing the same lights throughout the store without consideration for the need to highlight specific displays and shelves leads to a dull interior. The style, placement, energy efficiency, height, colour, and brightness of your lights all play roles in creating the right ambience for the particular type of business.

Focusing More on Employee Convenience Than Customer Satisfaction

It is imperative that the store’s layout and shopfitting be done to improve the customer experience. The customer must feel welcome in the store. The overstuffing of shelves makes it difficult for customers to get to products. Clothing should be so high up on the shelves that the customers must call in shop-floor assistants to get to the products. Every component in the store must be selected and placed with customer convenience, tastes, and needs in mind.

Lack of Proper Signage

Signage used correctly can entice customers to buy. The signage should be direct and practical. Correctly chosen and placed signage can be as effective in directing customers to products as a salesperson. It thus makes sense to carefully select the signage for the various sections in the store.

Mediocre Displays

Inadequate shelving, countertops, and display equipment make it rather difficult to encourage sales. Dull displays are representative of businesses that don’t care about their customers. Shopping is a sensory experience. Customers see, smell, feel, touch, and hear. It is imperative that every display in the store be stunning and a sensory journey. To this end, it is extremely important to have the right shopfitting, as this provides the foundation for the entire look and feel of a store.

Avoid the above and many other shopfitting mistakes by making use of our services and products. Your store’s layout, displays, and overall ambience should be relevant to your target audience. We know how to transform any space into a world of amazement. Contact us today for more guidance.