Modular Retail Kiosk

Create new retail revenue opportunities with the Modular Retail Kiosk (MRK).

This indoor retail kiosk is suited to busy thoroughfares like mall aisles and forecourts, airports and other indoor retail environments.

As a ready-to-go retail outlet it is ideal for a range of products such as jewellery, electronics, clothing, souvenirs, beauty products, food and coffee.

Download the Modular Retail Kiosk (MRK) brochure.


• Elegant designs

• Flexible sizing

• Lockable storage

• In-built security

• Low energy lighting

• Low maintenance (LED bulbs last up to 30 000 hours)

• Durable materials

• Premium finishes

• Eye-catching branding possibilities

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An affordable retail kiosk solution

While our shopping kiosks are custom-designed to your specific specifications, the Modular Retail Kiosk is a standardised product.

This allows you to save money by selecting your favourite option from a range of designs.

Because of its modular design, the sizing and configuration of this kiosk is flexible to fit your mall space and merchandising needs.