Pop-Up Retail Shops: Where Will They be In a Year’s Time?

The golden question on the lips of just about every retailer today: “where are pop-up retail shops going?” Far from going the way of your local Blockbuster, it’s no secret that the retail industry has taken quite a knock over the past decade. Brick-and-mortar is definitely on the decline, driving many retailers into a panic.


While a good part of the problem lies with consumers who are completely bored to death of their options and surrounds, the other part lies with the overwhelming domination of e-commerce shopping. It seems as if growing numbers of online shoppers are sending retailers and everything in between into liquidation. Things are so bad that while many would argue that brick-and-mortar is dead, at Scan Retail, we’re a little more optimistic, and would argue that retail isn’t dead, it’s just evolving.


Here’s how it all changed…

Imagine throwing yourself into a 10-year lease with an astronomical rental? Well, this is exactly what many retailers have had to do over the past few decades. Now, it’s not that these stores don’t have a future — it’s just that they are operating old-school. They are essentially outdated and in dire need of a marketing change. If you want your business to thrive and survive in today’s overcrowded cut-throat marketplace, then you need to ensure your brand meets the needs of today’s consumer. Less about transactions and more about the consumer relationship, retail has become more customer-focused than ever before. Today, retail is all about giving consumers the ‘WOW’ factor and getting them to return.


While e-commerce might be a huge part of the future of retail, shopping kiosks are shaking up the retail world, in a radical way. Once considered a low-key tactic to sell products and meet new customers, pop-up retail shops have exploded into a huge money spinner; in fact, Popup Republic values the pop-up industry at $50 billion. In South Africa, it’s no different, ever noticed a shopping kiosk selling beautiful denim jackets at a market, you turn your back for an hour or two and race back to find them all gone? Yes, that is the power of pop-up shops. Keep reading to learn how a pop-up shopping kiosk can benefit your brand and triple your sales.


Cost effective with low overheads

A hybrid genius for both, new and old businesses looking to ease their way into a new niche while minimising potential losses, pop-up retail shops have revolutionized the typical retail shopping experience. Shopping kiosks have contributed to one of the hottest trends in retailing–temporary tenants.  In fact, according to StoreFront, launching a pop up shop is approximately 80% less expensive compared to opening up a traditional shop! Now who would want to sign a long balance-breaking lease when something short-term can generate so much buzz and revenue, especially in this economy?


Pop-ups bridge the gap for start-ups by providing them with a low-risk chance to have a physical store without the long-term obligations, opening the door for thousands of small brands, both seasonal and permanent. Shopping kiosks allow emerging brands to experiment with retail and create an immersive experience without signing up for a ton of overhead. Now if you ask us, this is the future of retail.


The perfect avenue for online stores to make seasonal appearances

A retail kiosk is a shop front display that has grown beyond fashion, food, makeup, books, and art. A retail force, bridging the online and offline gap, pop-up shops are the perfect avenue to both, enable hundreds of seasonal small businesses to get off the ground and allow for online stores to connect with their clients from time to time. A good example would be a Christmas pop up shop, a summer bikini pop up shop, a sunglass pop up shop, or a gourmet chocolate or t-shirt pop up shop which could even reopen on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and then close for the remainder of the year. In fact, business ideas are endless. If you have the right pop up model, you can pretty much sell anything.


A master selling tool that works as a three-dimensional billboard

Requiring less commitment than a permanent shop or a new and expensive website, pop-up shops have huge potential to generate the type of attention required to create the offline to online sales conversion. A master selling tool that works as a three-dimensional billboard that can physically engage potential customers, pop-up retail shops can be designed and developed in a variety of shapes and sizes that cater to the demographic you’re seeking to market. While a pop up can be found as a store-within-a-store or as a standalone shopping kiosk, it is worth mentioning that niche models do very well as they can also be used to test out new product lines in large brick-and-mortar stores


Shopping kiosks are the future of retail

The gap between the online and offline world is declining and retail is desperately trying to keep pace with the way retail is evolving. While we certainly can’t predict where retail is heading, we do know where pop-ups will be in one year from now, and that’s all over the globe.


A proven business model for retailers looking to market their brand or introduce new products, and where small start-ups will see value, no matter what size or shape pop-up you choose – in an increasingly e-commerce-centric world – the future of pop up retail is just getting started. With today’s customer approaching the buying process with more options at their fingertips, pop-ups aren’t just about selling. Today’s customers want experiences, not things, and pop-ups are all about creating a memorable, exclusive, and photogenic experience, which lends a “cool” factor to a brand.


To reap the many advantages of all the ways pop-up retail shops can open doors for your small, large, new or old business,  download our brochure and contact us for a free consultation.