Mall Kiosk Business Ideas: 6 Fast Selling and Most Profitable Products

Did you know that those little free-standing mall kiosks you see everywhere account for over 10 percent of an entire mall’s sales? Typically bound by short-term leases and run by first-time entrepreneurs with limited capital, mall kiosks business have long been considered an unsophisticated option for only low-end markets. However, over the years, these small-footprint […]


Top 10 Checklist for Your Mall Activation Displays

Your retail display represents your brand, so it needs to pop. Yet here’s the thing:  Many mall marketers struggle when it comes to the creation process. Creating a mall activation displays that ticks all the right boxes and fits your budget can feel like a daunting challenge. While many retailers and experiential marketers know what […]


Retailer’s Guide To Mall Kiosks Business In South Africa

Always wanted to own your own mall kiosks business but weren’t sure if you could afford it? Now You Can. Retail kiosks are a brilliant way to get started. With low costs and flexible mall lease terms, kiosks can turn your dream into a reality. Although retail is going through some big changes, at Scan […]

Fabric Pop Up System-Scan-Retail

Pop-up System, a cost-effective solution for your retail displays

Are you looking for a retail display that you can update easily and affordably? Would you like to be able to set-up and run your own promotions? Do you need an impactful marketing display that you can travel with? This is all possible with retail display specialist, Scan Retail’s, latest product: the Fabric Pop-up System. […]

Goodbye Malaria’s retail kiosks roll out

This is the story of how a simple retail product can be used creatively and effectively in a life-saving project. Goodbye Malaria is an initiative started by African entrepreneurs who believe that African creativity can solve one of Africa’s biggest problems: malaria. And it really is a big problem. There were 214 million cases of malaria […]


7 retail trends – a 2018 forecast by the South African Council for Shopping Centres

Scan Retail spoke to Amanda Stops, the CEO of the South African Council for Shopping Centres (SACSC), to find out what retail trends we can expect to see emerging in the SA market this year. These are the 7 trends she identified: Customisation “We’re expecting to see more customisation, which means giving the customer the […]