Scan Display’s new, improved fabric lightbox

Lightboxes have become a sought-after medium for branding in retail stores and commercial properties. This is not surprising, as they are visually striking, versatile in size and placement, and the graphics are easily updated. “Our lightboxes are one of our bestsellers,” says Justin Hawes, MD of exhibition, events and display specialist, Scan Display. “We have […]

Selling from a Kiosk

What Can You Sell in a Mall Kiosk? A kiosk provides for a cost-effective way to enter the retail market. If you don’t have enough products to fill an entire retail outlet, but you are eager to enter the world of mall shopping experiences, then setting up a stylish kiosk is a good start.

Shopfitting Mistakes

Avoid These Shopfitting Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business Shopfitting is a necessary step when you open a retail store or restaurant. However, it is not a once-off process. Many owners of shopping centres require their tenants to renovate or completely revamp their stores every five years. Shopfitting is what helps to keep spaces relevant, […]

Retail Display Basics

Back to the Basics When It Comes to Effective Retail Window Displays First things first – even with innovative and attention-grabbing retail display solutions in store, unless the customer enters your shop, all your efforts are in vain. The storefront window is the first stop for the customer. If you want the passing customer to […]

Making Corporate Branding Work

Three Ways to Make Corporate Branding Work through Effective Store Displays Do you hear the term corporate branding and your eyes become heavy with boredom? What does retail branding have in common with corporate branding? Perhaps more than meets the eye. In a world filled with digital technology, the shopper can now find their products […]