Quick Pod & Meeting Pod

These modular Quick Pod and Meeting Pod offer unrivaled flexibility of glass partition walls design, as they can be expanded, reconfigured or relocated, based on your needs.


• Semi-permanent structures
• Moveable, modular and scalable
• Excellent branding possibilities
• Sound suppression for privacy
• Low energy lighting
• Low maintenance (LED bulbs last up to 30 000 hours)
• Optional accessories, such as in-built air circulation units and soft close doors

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Download the brochure for the Meeting Pod

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Glass Office Cubicles

Each structure create a private temporary room or booth which can have a variety of applications: create pop up shops, VIP lounges at mall activation, temporary in-store changing rooms, meeting booths at events, or update your office with pause areas.

Any of which can be changed into something else, if you need a new solution.