Pop-up System, a cost-effective solution for your retail displays

Are you looking for a retail display that you can update easily and affordably? Would you like to be able to set-up and run your own promotions? Do you need an impactful marketing display that you can travel with?

This is all possible with retail display specialist, Scan Retail’s, latest product: the Fabric Pop-up System.

The Fabric Pop-up System is a portable display system that can create stunning promotional displays for retail. Like other pop-up systems, it’s a walled display structure made out of collapsible frames on which you attach graphics. It can be easily assembled and compactly packed away by one person without any tools, making it ideal for travel and quick set-ups and breakdowns.

However, it’s also very different from a traditional pop-up system, largely because it uses fabric graphics instead of vinyl graphics. This yields many benefits:

  • Fabric prints cost less than vinyl, making this system an ideal long term investment because of the low cost to refresh and update your marketing message.
  • Vinyl graphics risk damage if not handled carefully, whereas fabric graphics are more durable.
  • Vinyl is heavier and bulkier, and has to be packed into plastic drums for storage and transporting, unlike the Fabric Pop-up System which is lighter and fits into smaller carry bags (about ⅓ smaller than the drums). This makes travelling with the Fabric Pop-up System easier and more cost-effective.
  • Fabric graphics have the option of backlighting. Walls transform into lightboxes, using backlit fabric and an LED curtain clipped into the back of the This produces an even, vibrant light that will make your retail display ‘pop’.

The Fabric Pop-up System’s modular design also offers unrivalled flexibility. Much like Lego blocks, you can mix and match different structures, creating endless set-up options. This gives you the freedom to adapt your retail displays to your message and product.

Scan Retail offers 27 packages of pre-designed display configurations. Alternatively, you can purchase individual walls (straight or curved, and of varying heights) or request a custom-designed display using the system.

The cost saving potential of this product is significant when you consider:

  • The product itself is very affordable to buy and is built to be re-used.
  • You can add parts as needed, to update your displays over time.
  • Fabric graphics are inexpensive, so your marketing message can change as often as you need it to.
  • You can do your own set-ups, so there is no labour cost involved.
  • It transports well, so it is ideal for promotions in different cities around the world.

Justin Hawes, MD of Scan Retail, describes the product as “revolutionary”. This is because it empowers retailers to take full control of their own marketing displays. “It also has great potential for use across Africa, because it’s durable, easy to use and travels well,” he adds.

The Fabric Pop-up System also comes with a number of accessories, including:

  • Counters
  • Shelves
  • Brackets to mount screens
  • Clip-on spotlights (Halogen and LED options)
  • LED curtains for backlighting (for walls and counters)
  • Stabilising feet

For more information about this innovative new product, visit the Fabric Pop-up System page