The EuroShop 2017 in-store marketing trends

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Breathtaking and visionary, EuroShop 2017 showcased cutting-edge product developments, innovations and instore marketing trends in the global retail world, and was once again an inspirational success.  Yes, when the biggest, most important event in the international retail world comes to Düsseldorf, the industry sits up and takes notice, and this year 2 368 exhibitors from 61 countries and 113 000 visitors from 138 countries did more than take notice – they gained a glimpse into the future of retail.

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Scan Team at EuroShop

We are only in the first quarter of 2017, and already our Scan Retail team has been super busy. Recently we attended EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Germany. Hailed as the world’s number one “Global Retail Trade Fair” for retail and exhibition spaces, EuroShop is the international exhibition platform where marketers go to grow. Here are some of the instore marketing trends we discovered.


#1 Digital alterable signage


Until recently, retailers addressed customers at the shop window or point of sale primarily with eye-catching posters or displays. But in a smartphone world, retail has moved ahead at a fast pace. With customers were accustomed to looking to screens for information, the crossover between in-store design and digital display features has become even more prominent. It’s a natural choice for aiding content retention, spreading a message, building a brand, improving customer service and experience, and increasing profits. EuroShop 2017 showcased a powerful combination of motion effects and dynamic animated digital signage, paired with high quality printed images, which together created an exciting new sensory in-store experience.


Impressive Digital Signage


#2 Illumination for creative store design


Dynamic and intelligent, lighting can be a shop’s best friend. Thanks to the latest LED technology, lamps are nowadays capable of much more than simply lighting up an interior.LED lights are the perfect tools to design an appealing atmosphere that draws the customer’s eye. They can change moods, create ambience, modify lighting scenarios and enable precision product staging, all while offering enormous potential energy savings.What was quite evident at EuroShop 2017 was that spotlights are getting smaller, recessed downlights are nearing the point of non-existence, and track systems are shrinking, all in the name of retail display lighting.

EuroShop17-Instore-marketing-Trends -Illumination-for-creative store design-scan-retail

Creative Illumination


#3 Fabric graphics, sustainable materials, and textural experiences


Dimensionality is a key theme for 2017. Yes, today’s retailers are making things bigger, as was clearly evident at EuroShop 2017; larger backlit fabric prints with high-resolution printing, impressive 3D elements, huge monolithic tiles (tiles inspired by a blend of stone and earthy qualities), and sleek surface materials in white, black and shades of neutrals, all created engaging, eye-catching displays.

EuroShop17- instore-marketing-trends-Fabric graphics-sustainable materials-and-textural-experiences-scanretail

Sustainable Materials


Sustainable materials were also in the spotlight. Lightweight materials have become hugely popular, and offer not only crisp, vibrant images, but also the benefit of a minimal transport-related carbon footprint (and the associated cost reduction). And, proving that unexpected materials can take a product to another level, retailers and design agencies were utilising recycled, repurposed and reinvented materials and objects in new and innovative ways, showing that conscientious waste-free craft is valid in-store.


Another design trend that stuck out was textural experiences, witnessed in the choice of materials and their unexpected positioning alongside each other.


In order to hold their own against the online competition, there is considerable pressure on retailers to come up with new ideas. In a world of constant change, if retailers want to adjust and survive, they need to ensure their store meets the needs of today’s consumer. You see, with today’s customer approaching the buying process more knowledgeable than ever, and with more available options online at their fingertips, one thing has become apparent: the client determines in-store design.


Yes, today’s customers want experiences, not things. And if the shopping experience is not personal and bespoke, ‘the disconnected customer’ will swap their footfall for clicks. If you are looking for the right retail display to help you achieve this, speak to us. Specifically, our customised and off-the-shelf modern modular retail kiosks, paired with the latest developments in digitalisation and intelligent lighting, offer wide-ranging possibilities for your brand instore marketing.


As a leader in the Southern African exhibition and display industry, specialising in bespoke modular retail kiosks, retail displays and event and exhibition infrastructure, our team can’t wait to incorporate some of these trends into our display architecture. To find out more about who we are and what we offer, contact us today.

Some Things You Should Know About Scan Retail

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Scan-Retail-Collage-02If you never heard about Scan Retail before and you are already reading this, we have listed some of the things you should know about us:

  • Scan Retail is a division of display specialist and was formed in 2011 and specialises in point-of-sale display products and services which enhance in-store branding. Scan Retail offers both off-the-shelf and custom-crafted products, including interior signage and branding, retail kiosks, shop fittings, bespoke displays and modular, mobile meeting rooms.
  • Scan Retail takes pride in offering our clients the best personal and professional service. We ensure our customers feel confident that we understand their requirements and that their expectations will be
  • Our production team has a wealth of retail branding experience as well as technical aptitude. What makes us different is that our account executives have extensive knowledge of their field of speciality, ensuring an understanding of their markets.
  • We believe in delivering tailored solutions for our clients’ retail requirements and building long-term partnerships, achieve results that make a difference.
  • We are the member of The Event Greening Forum; we encourage our clients to work with suppliers that support sustainability. With our commitment to greening, we can provide our clients with high eco-conscious retail.
  • Scan Display is our parent company and was found on the 1st October 1996, this year we will be celebrating our 21st birthday. More details to follow, stay tuned.
  • These are just some of brands that are we’ve done work for Woolworths, Discovery, Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), Creative Council, Varpe Cartel, Somerset Mall, Fragrance Boutique and much more.
  • Check out below gallery showcasing our recent work for a happy Cybertronics Cell, at Somerset Mall.

If you consider working with us on your next project, start with a free quote request or just get in touch here.

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Ideas to enhance your shopfront display for the month of love

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shopfront display-scan retail

Window Display

Now that your small kiosk business has recovered from the manic Christmas-New-Year’s season, are you ready for the most romantic month of the year? Representing a celebration of love and affection, the month of February offers retailers an opportunity to kick it into high-gear and rocket their sales. But if you don’t have a marketing campaign yet, here are some ideas to enhance your shopfront display… not only on Valentine day but for the whole month of love.


#1 Be a Beacon of Love and Light up your Kiosk with a Lightbox

 Your shopfront display is your brand, and since there are so many marketing rands vying for your customers’ attention, your campaign will need to outshine your competitors. A brilliant way to do this is to light up your kiosk with a lightbox.  A marketing superstar that can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, freestanding or positioned to fit your mall kiosk best – whether you’re selling books, clothing, tools, fragrances, chocolates or jewellery – a Lightbox is an excellent way to be creative.


#2 Put Cupid to Work with a “We Love Our Customers” Promotion

 All businesses love their customers (well, most of them anyway), but for customers to believe you care, your efforts must come out of authenticity. Why not show them how much they mean to you by doing something unique this month? Whether you dress an employee as Cupid, offer an exceptional service like gift wrapping, give your customers a free gift with every purchase or hand out candy or chocolates, your customers will never forget how you went out of your way.


#3 Sell Your Brand with a Story

Amidst all the cupid-fuelled chaos, you have to be super creative and authentic to get noticed, and if you want to make your customers fall in love with your brand then sell your brand with a story. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas or any other special occasion, many retailers believe cramming their kiosk with loads of items provide choice, but is easy for shoppers to become overwhelmed and leave. Rather keep your shopfront display simply by engaging your customers with a theme that showcases your personal identity. An emotive display that tells a story can generate curiosity appeal to your target market.


#4 Don’t Forget Your Employees

While we know that good shopfront displays increase customer traffic and sales dramatically, it’s important to understand that your shopfront display is not always enough. Behind every successful business, you will always find happy employees who love what they do. Happy employees lead to happy customers! Yes, your customers are much more likely to feel ‘loved’ by your business when your employees do, too. you need to show your appreciation to your employees this month of love.

Your brand is everything, and in today’s competitive marketplace, small business owners need to pull out all the stops. A great place to start is with your mall kiosk shopfront display. While these ideas may be Valentine-centric, with a few tweaks, they can be used for just about any special occasion.

If you’re interested in finding out more about shopfront displays, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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